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A unique combination of art and dining. Living art that will brighten up your home, this is the exclusive RITUAL Dining Collection. The inspiration of Helena Kohout's original artwork is transferred to a high quality sustainable leather variant.

With RITUAL SHIRTING, you are taking a step towards protecting the planet thanks to the recycled leather from which it is made. In fact, in conjunction with natural rubber, leftover luxury leather materials are given a second chance to become an exceptional product once again. The placemats are a decoration and a stylish addition to the dining table. It protects against dirt and damage. The right placemat will illustrate the atmosphere of your home just as you wish. Make setting the table a little family ritual.

This place setting features the image of the Gateway, symbolizing the ability to be all things, to enter the higher realms.



A Czech businesswoman whose need to go her own way and desire to find similarly inclined people completely won out over her artistic career for a while. At a ripe old age, she began to turn back to her roots, namely creative work, especially abstract original painting. Her interest in art had been with her since childhood. Her creativity has manifested itself in original woodcuts, opera and chamber singing, and playing five musical instruments.

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