Helena is a Czech businesswoman whose need to follow her own path and desire to find similarly minded people triumphed over her artistic career. At a mature age, she began to return to her roots, specifically to creative work and especially to abstract paintings. But she certainly did not turn her back on business.

Since the 1990s, she has been implementing her ideas, visions and goals in projects that she has founded and grouped together in the Helas Business Platform, which includes the Cosmopolitan Executive Helas Ladies Club, the Czech Businesswomen Award, the Czech Leaders Award, the Czech Exporters Award, and the Helas New Encounters Club. These projects are united under the motto “Building a Proud Czech Republic”. Helena is the sole owner of the company Agentura Helas s.r.o., which implements these “technical projects”. 

Her experience gained over almost a quarter of a century and observations of human and business stories were the impulse for her book trilogy MY OWN PATH.  It is based on a desire to show people who are at a crossroads, including those at the very beginning, how to work, make an effort and become capable of leaving their comfort zone. Moving forwards and finding new paths are the only things that have deep meaning to her.

The support of work activities, human perception, women’s understanding and the need for mutual harmony led Helena to establish her own brand “ETERNAL BY HELENA”. The brand's motto is “Eternal Abundance”, which is closely related to the needs of every woman. ETERNAL BY HELENA is about love, harmony, fulfilment, abundance and joy.

Life is not just about business.