Czech businesswoman, whose need to go her own way and desire to find like-minded people completely overcame her artistic career for a while. At a ripe old age, she began to turn back to her roots, namely creative work, especially abstract original painting. Her interest in art had been with her since childhood. Her creativity has manifested itself in original woodcuts, opera and chamber singing, and playing five musical instruments. Supporting work activities, human perception, understanding of women, the need for mutual harmony and harmony led Helena to found her own brand "ETERNAL BY HELENA", which is precisely about harmony, fulfillment, abundance, joy and a holistic approach to health. The brand includes her own jewellery collection, oil perfume, original painting and products inspired by this very painting and her club mandala. Last but not least, an exceptional project - a collection of healthy coffees, natural syrups "ETERNAL FLOWER COFFEE & SIRUP COLLECTION" complemented by a collection of teas made from carefully selected ingredients and also a unique blend of premium active ingredients of plant origin whose effectiveness on human health has been scientifically verified, "ETERNAL HOLISTIC CARE - Healthy & Beauty Drink". For pleasure and family rituals, ETERNAL HOLISTIC CARE was also created, which is a unique combination of art and dining. Helena Kohout's original creation is transferred to a high quality sustainable leather variant. The same natural material is also used for the ART BAG, which has become an authentic living art and inspiration for all independent and unconventional women.

ETERNAL BY HELENA's brand motto is "Eternal Abundance", which closely touches everyone's needs.

Life is not just about business.


www.helas.org I www.oceneniceskychpodnikatelek.cz I www.hnec.cz

www.oceneniceskychlidru.cz I www.oceneniceskychexporteru.cz

www.helas-ladies-club.cz I www.eternalbyhelena.cz