Eternal by Helena

Under the ETERNAL BY HELENA brand name, product collections with a deep spiritual outreach are created. The meaning is in the perception of unity, the knowledge that everything is interconnected and the achievement of wisdom.

The collection includes a set of seven “HARMONIA CAELESTIC – Rainbow Harmony” image reproductions, a set of “SEPTEM MYSTIC – Seven Secrets of Life” colouring pictures and miniatures, a unique collection of seven handmade jewellery „TAO FLUENTIA - Path to Eternal Abundance“, the “PROUD LION” collection from Bergl Diamonds and oil based “ETERNAL ABUNDANCE perfume with Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils® from Bewit.

Helena Kohoutová works together with Petra Volenec Němečková La Petien, whose mandalas for Helas Ladies Club were the template for Helena’s image reproductions, jewels and colouring pictures.

The motto of the mandalas is Eternal Abundance - Flourish - Rebirth - Courage - Self-confidence - Friendship - Tree of Life

An ORIGINAL CREATION OF ABSTRACT PAINTINGS by Helena Kohoutová also plays an important role.