I have learnt to breathe new life into furniture with a history, give it a new coat and function and recreate it with my ideas and my energy. When the stories of items that have been forgotten and could have ended up at the dump come to life under my hands, I feel like a time traveller, and also like someone who is capable of changing their fate. And these items tell us how to be a good manager and not waste resources. We do not always have to throw away things that are past their best. The best way is to come up with a new idea and see the potential. It is lovely watching the transformation. Sustainability is a very current topic right now and is just the more modern form of the good old saying “waste not, want not”. Set out with me on the path of a good, natural life, which is about sensible management, building on honest foundations and creating something new, all on the background of ETERNAL AUTHENTIC FURNITURE.