What Success Can Do - Part 2

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Sometimes success comes unexpectedly early, other times we have to wait for years and overcome many obstacles. What does success do to a person and what are the experiences of people who have lived through both euphoria and an awakening. What to do with your own ego? How to prevent success from driving you crazy and how to keep being yourself? How to approach yourself and your surroundings, and how to find balance and complete fulfilment? These and many other questions will be answered in the second part of the trilogy titled My Own Way.


Release planned for November 2022.


Whenever things get difficult, I have an intense urge to think, to act, to show the best that is possible. Like a light in the dark. That's how the idea of presenting the extraordinary stories of the people I have met during my time in my profession was born. A trio of books of interviews with successful Czech entrepreneurs was created through the MY OWN WAY trilogy. We show that life itself and the road to success do not always lead straight and directly to the top. The path is often full of twists, turns and difficulties that need to be experienced and overcome.

However, if one musters enough will, strength and determination, success will come, along with the realization that overcoming hardships makes sense. However, sometimes success comes quickly and without warning.

How to cope with success, what stance to take and how to find complete fulfilment? How do you learn to achieve objectivity and balance through your mind-set for cooperation and the benefit of the whole? These themes permeate all three parts of the book trilogy.

I invited the author of the texts, Kateřina Černá, to collaborate on this work, the graphic design is by Barbora Klimsz, and it is published in cooperation with EEZY.