Slimming Delicate Fig

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A blend of roasted ground coffee with figs, blackberries and vanilla, flavoured with Mandarin Clementine.

A combination of coffee beans from the Vietnam Dak Lak region and Brazil Dolce Cerado, sweet figs, delicate vanilla, juicy blackberries along with fresh mandarin. The fig contributes to normal digestive function and microbial balance. The blackberry in turn promotes the elimination of water from the body and the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and intestines. Tangerine acts as an antioxidant on the human body.

The coffee is delicious as an addition to ETERNAL SYRUPS.

For corporate clients, the company logo can be placed on the coffee label.

Why the Eternal Flower Coffee Collection is special:

Weight: 80 g


This floral collection coffee is created by combining freshly roasted robusta and arabica beans, sweet figs, juicy refreshing raspberries along with a pleasantly fresh hint of clementine mandarin. Thanks to its composition, coffee facilitates digestion and thus weight loss. A unique coffee for unique moments.

The coffee is roasted using the innovative hot air FLUID BLEND technology. This coffee roasting method imparts an exceptional flavour and aroma, is environmentally friendly and ensures the beans retain the best effects of the coffee itself. The coffee does not come into contact with a metal drum during roasting and the intense air flow roasts the beans evenly from all sides.

Coffee prepared this way and mixed with other ingredients can have a therapeutic effect and other positive effects on the body and mind.

Sweet figs, whether fresh or dried, are great nutrition for the brain and nerves. Figs help with fatigue, they energise you by quickly raising blood glucose levels to improve mood, performance and concentration. They are significantly healthier than sweets and, unlike sweets, do not make you fat and are easy to digest. Figs can fill you up very quickly, even though fresh figs are low in calories. They also contain both soluble and insoluble fibre and thus aid intestinal peristalsis, excretion and weight loss. Dried figs contain a higher amount of sugar, yet retain a high proportion of fibre and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. It is even reported that dried figs contain more calcium than milk. Their antioxidant and K2, C, A, B1 vitamins should also not be overlooked.

The vanilla orchid produces dark-coloured pods full of tiny seeds, the taste and smell of which probably needs no description. The popular spice cannot really be mistaken for anything else. 

Blackberries are known for their juicy sweet taste with a refreshing, pleasantly sour after-taste. They contain vitamin C and minerals, have an anti-inflammatory effect and rid the body of harmful substances. As they inhibit ageing, their aroma is also used in cosmetics.

Clementines are the smallest of the mandarin family. The skin is smooth, shiny, darker in colour and seedless. Beneath their thin orange skin is a whole assortment of vitamins (vitamin C, B vitamins, provitamin A) and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. The mandarin flesh contains fibre and a lot of water. The manadarin segments have a beneficial effect on health, for example, lowering cholesterol, relieving a stuffy nose, boosting immunity and relieving cramps. The mandarin scent improves mood and concentration, helping to calm the mind. The mandarin scent is also appreciated by people suffering from migraine. Mandarins also contain synephrine, a substance that helps to burn fat.

62.5% roasted ground robusta coffee
33.7% roasted arabica ground coffee
1.25% freeze-dried fig fruit
1.25% freeze-dried blackberry fruit
1.25% ground vanilla
0.05% clementine essential oil

Personal recommendations for preparation:
French Press or filter, 2 teaspoons (5 g) of the mixture pour 2 dcl hot water (80 °C), leave to infuse for 2 min.
Chilled drink: one dose of coffee per 0.5 l of cold water with ice.

Nutritional data per 100 g:
Energy 1508 kJ / 361 kcal, fat 15.3 g of which saturates 0 g, carbohydrates 32 g of which sugars 1 g, protein 14 g, fibre 7.3 g, salt 0 g.

Made in the Czech Republic.


The legend of a shepherd: Coffee as we know it today has its roots in the legend of Kaldi, a shepherd who let his flock graze the mountains of Yemen. He noticed that the goats eating the coffee beans were suddenly cheerful and full of energy and decided to try the effects of the coffee plants himself.

Flourishing popularity: Historical sources indicate that the coffee tree comes from Ethiopia, specifically the Kaffa region. During the 15th century, coffee spread from Ethiopia to Arabia, which is still generally considered the birthplace of coffee. Coffee did not reach Europe and the British colonies in North America until the 17th century. Today, coffee is the second best-selling commodity and, with its increasing popularity, there are a number of scientific studies that attribute many beneficial effects on the body and mind to coffee.

Quality is guaranteed:

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All proceeds from the sale of this product are donated towards the development of the concept of Building a Proud Czech Republic and the activities of the Helas Business Platform.

This coffee is appreciated by everyone who enjoys coffee and likes to try new unique things. In this case, however, it is also about the idea of solidarity with Czech producers and brands, values and excellent workmanship.