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Self-confidence is the ability to go your own way. If we believe in ourselves, we can love ourselves unconditionally. We are aware of our values ​​and will shine on our path through life.

Mandala template: La Petien Petra Volenec Němečková 
Image reproduction: 50 cm x 50 cm (22 x 22 cm mandala) 
In a white mount and white frame, high-quality cardboard.
Combined technique with partial varnish. Glassed print.

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Eternal by Helena inspired the creation of the original collection
of HARMONIA CAELESTIC – Rainbow Harmony prints.
The name of this set is derived from Latin and links to the seven colours of the rainbow,
which achieve extraterrestrial harmony. 

The symbol of the Eternal Abundance collection is the number seven (septem),which is a symbol of harmony.
We have seven colours of the rainbow (caelestis), seven basic musical tones.
Seven is the number of all secrets and all that is mystic.
Seven astrological planets represent the seven levels of consciousness, 
the seven archetypal patterns.


PINK is above all romantic and loving; it represents love, tenderness, gentleness and cohesion in relationships. It refreshes the spirit and supports spiritual vigilance, affection and willingness to compromise. It is the colour of youth.
PURPLE is very inspiring, almost ethereal, calming and meditative, so we consider it a
spiritual colour.
MOONBEAM SILVER is a symbol of meditation, intuition, the development of clairvoyance, feeling and hearing.
GOLD represents existence, higher and divine powers, intuition, wisdom and understanding.
GREEN symbolises health, balance, harmony, hope, renewal and growth. It is the colour of abundance, fertility, perseverance and love.

The colour tuning of mandalas and the number seven will have an effect on you no matter which one you choose.
They touch every stage of our lives inwardly and will strengthen the right area you want to fine-tune.

The collection is inspired by mandalas for Cosmopolitan Executive Helas Ladies Club by La Petien of Petra Volenec Němečková.

Eternal Abundance – Rebirth – Flourishing – Self-confidence – Courage – Friendship – The Tree of Life


La Petien, Petra Volenec Němečková
Personal and corporate coach, painter of mandalas and energy paintings, facilitator of Access Bars. Founder of La Petien Studio. Author of a collection of mandalas for the Cosmopolitan Executive Helas Ladies Club.

 Bergl Diamonds, Aleš Bergl
The author of the "Eternal Abundance" jewellery collection is the jeweller BERGL DIAMONDS, founded by the famous Czech goldsmith, creative designer and forensic expert in the field of diamonds, precious stones and jewellery, Aleš Bergl. Jewellery is made of a combination of silver, gilded silver or hand-painted enamel (according to the choice of jewellery).

 Atelier Klimsz, Barbora Klimzs
An important Czech graphic designer and holder of a number of awards. Author of the Eternal by Helena logo and other creations for the Helas Business Platform, of which the Cosmopolitan Executive Helas Ladies Club is a part.

The full proceeds from this product are donated to development of the concept of Building a Proud Czech Republic and the activities of the Helas Business platform.