PROUD LION gilded necklace with silver mane – round

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The lion as the king of animals and a symbol of pride. There is no need to overemphasise the lion’s character and the symbolism associated with the animal. Being happy when something goes well. Being proud of your children and their successes. Having the strength to go on no matter what. If you get the feeling that the lion’s mane resembles a map of the Czech Republic, you’re absolutely right.  Even that idea is projected in the design of this original brooch.According to ancient cultures the materials used, gold and silver, are symbols of infinity, strength and energy.

Manufacturer: BERGL DIAMONDS.
Material: 925/1000 Ag
Weight: 3.5 g
Dimensions: 15 mm
Chain length: 42 cm

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PROUD LION jewellery collection

Eternal by Helena inspired the creation of the luxury jewellery collection "PROUD LION" for both men and women.
The “PROUD LION” luxury jewellery collection will appeal to both men and women. It was designed by Klimsz Creative Studio headed by Barbora Klimsz, a prominent Czech graphic designer and holder of a range of awards. The jewellery itself is the work of BERGL DIAMONDS, founded by famous Czech goldsmith, creative designer and forensic expert in the field of diamonds, precious stones and jewellery, Aleš Bergl. The collection was designed as a positive symbol of the “Building a Proud Czech Republic” programme.

The collection was also inspired by the activities of the Helas Business Platform – Building a Proud Czech Republic and is their symbol.
Those who wear it will certainly feel a sense of belonging, joy and strength. The jewellery is made of a combination of sliver and gilded silver with the option adding a diamond.


Aleš Bergl
Bergl is a world-renowned Czech goldsmith, creative designer and forensic expert in the field of diamonds, precious stones and jewellery. He graduated from art school in Prague. For more than twenty years he has been involved in the jewellery industry, fashion and jewellery design, specialising in natural stones and diamonds. He is registered as a forensic expert witness specialising in diamonds at the Regional Court in Plzeň under file number Spr 1475/2006. He ensures highly professional manufacture of original jewellery of the highest quality for the most demanding clients. His designs are acclaimed around the world. Clients have included Miss USA, Miss Universe, Miss Slovakia and others.

Barbora Klimsz
Barbora is one of the most prominent Czech graphic designers, a holder of numerous awards and founder of the Klimsz Studio. She currently works in editing printed matter and creating logos, visual identities and photographs. She is also a photographer and creator of book covers and important advertising campaigns.

Her awards include the following:
2012 and 2013 National Student Design Award. Nominated in the field of graphic design for the “Philip Glass/Metamorphosis” and “Holocaust” poster series
2013 Czech Press Photo, Canon Junior Award, “Marta” photograph
2014 ART BOOKS WANTED International Award 2014, Best Children’s Book “Jak na příšery” (How to Deal with Monsters) by Daniela Zbytovská
2019 Most Beautiful Czech Books: special award from the Union of Graphic Design, “Heroes of Capitalist Work” by Saša Uhlová, Grada, “The Prague Orgy” graphic design for the film by Irena Pavlásková

The full proceeds from this product are donated to development of the concept of Building a Proud Czech Republic and the activities of the Helas Business platform.