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A sprinkled mixture of spices and herbs for the preparation of brine, flavoured.

The label is inspired by the original painting by Helena Kohoutová,Golden horizon

Turmeric, which is used in India in the form of a drink, acts as an antioxidant, contributing to the normal function of the respiratory and digestive systems. It helps maintain normal joints and promotes mental balance. Coconut is rich in vitamins B, C, E and K and mineral elements.

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Turmeric promotes the proper production of bile and thus facilitates natural digestion. It helps maintain the normal condition of joints, positively influences their mobility, cartilage and tissue strength. Turmeric also benefits bone health. It is recognised as a very beneficial antioxidant and, when used regularly, has an effect on maintaining mental balance as well as on the proper functioning of the circulatory system and healthy heart function, as well as on the healthy functioning of the immune system. In India, turmeric is also used in the form of a drink, as it warms the body from within, is beneficial on colder days and promotes healthy respiratory functioning. Turmeric milk returns the skin to its natural state of health and vitality, so it is often used in the preparation of homemade face masks for more oily, problematic skin.

Coconuts contain mostly fat, and of the minerals, manganese, which is essential for bone health, copper and iron, also found in coconut, help make red blood cells, and selenium (an antioxidant) can protect our cells. Coconut meat (flesh) contains a large amount of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), a type of saturated fat that is much easier for the human body to digest than animal fats. These fats have been shown to increase endurance in trained athletes. Resistance to viruses and bacteria can be helpful in preventing root canal-related infections and dental problems. Although eating coconut pulp is not a substitute for good dental hygiene, it can kill some unwanted bacteria in the mouth and protect the gums and teeth from infection. Regular consumption of coconut can help with weight loss. MCFAs found in coconut are associated with fat burning. They are metabolized quickly and instead of storing fat, it is burned as energy. It also helps to detoxify and soothes the digestive tract.

Ginger has been used for thousands of years as a medicine, in cooking and to flavor drinks and food. Proponents most commonly use ginger for digestive problems. One chemical component of ginger is also used as an ingredient in conventional laxatives, anti-acidity and anti-bloating medicines. Scientists believe that the chemicals (volatile oils, phenolic compounds - gingerol and shagoy) of ginger act primarily in the stomach and intestines. However, they may also act in the brain and nervous system to relieve pain. In traditional medicine (Asian, Arabic and Indian) it has been used to treat a variety of health problems ranging from arthritis, colic, heart disease and diarrhoea for over 3000 years.

Its slightly citrusy aroma may have the ability to relieve your fatigue if you are feeling exhausted, both mentally and physically. It promotes concentration, as well as mental and spiritual awareness.

Vilcacora - Uncaria tomentosa is one of the most popular Amazonian plants that has piqued the interest of scientists from all over the world. It grows in the tropical forests of the Amazon. It is a light brown climbing plant, called liana, reaching a height of 15 meters. It has antitumor, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, probiotic, anthelmintic, antiparasitic, analgesic, hypotensive, antiasthmatic, antiallergic, cardioprotective effects. Stimulates overall immunity and reduces pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis. It is used in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis and gout. Its almost miraculous effects in the treatment of arthritis may be due in part to its ability to cleanse the digestive tract and assist in removing toxins from the body. It helps with joint pain and inflammation, as well as chronic fatigue, allergies, immune deficiencies and serious conditions associated with gut permeability disorders (perforated bowel syndrome and toxin overload). It acts as an antioxidant and protects cells from free radical damage. Research has shown that Vilcacora, thanks to its composition, inhibits the development of cancer cells and stimulates the immune system. It has a positive effect on the central nervous system, helps in the treatment of circulatory diseases, lowers cholesterol levels and has a cleansing effect. It protects the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers. It has a good effect on the peristalsis of the intestines and bile ducts. Reduces the risk of acute attacks of coronary heart disease and the formation of blood thrombi. It is especially recommended for smokers, as it removes carcinogenic substances contained in cigarette smoke from the body with urine. Externally, it is used as a poultice in cases of skin inflammation and allergic reactions.

42 % roasted coconut
15,7 % turmeric
lemon grass
Vilcacora root
May contain traces of nuts.

Preparation instructions:
Pour boiling water over the mixture at a ratio of 10 g (about 6 aligned teaspoons) per 1 litre of water.
Leave to infuse for 7 minutes. Strain for 7 minutes.

The legend of tea:
Tea is a beverage that accompanies us in our daily lives and perhaps for many people it seems mundane and ordinary. It is almost unbelievable that it only appeared in Europe a few hundred years ago. Over the centuries, it has gone from being the drink of the richest to a beverage that almost everyone loves. The oldest herbarium that bears records of tea comes from China and dates back 1 500 years. Legends of tea's miraculous powers, however, were told many centuries earlier. In the 6th century, tea became the drink of the aristocracy.

Taste our unique and delicate Ayurvedic, fruit and sencha teas and travel the world with them. The taste and aroma of each loose tea is very varied and starting the day with a sip of this delicious drink is very pleasant. Treat yourself to a quality selection of pure loose-leaf tea from the ETERNAL TEA COLLECTION.

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